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Shin Sweat

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Morning! Happy Wednesday (note: I had to edit this because I had “Happy Tuesday” typed out, then I talked about how I couldn’t believe it was only Tuesday, then went to work and spent all day thinking it was Tuesday. This is my life.)

I got up today around 5 a.m. to find it was raining out. It was pitch black outside, so I did that awkward “I’m-blindly-jogging-so-I-don’t-get-my-phone-wet” hustle to the gym. Usually I like having the place to myself, but when I got to the door, my key wouldn’t swipe me in…again. I was relieved to see a girl pedaling away on the stationary bike inside, but I feel bad making people stop their workout to come let me in. It’s frustrating. Especially at 5:15 a.m. when I haven’t had breakfast (I’d say coffee, but let’s be honest, I love food way more than coffee) yet. Better ask for a new one tonight.

Bonus: the girl left a few minutes after I arrived, so I had the gym to myself anyway. Just me, USA TV (I don’t have cable yet so I have no idea what show I was watching. Something about lawyers and baseball?) and the dark outdoors.

I did a quick warmup with 5 minutes on the treadmill and 10 on the ski machine (I’ve never used one before I moved here—I prefer the elliptical, but they don’t have one at my apartment complex), then did a Manic Monday Abs Circuit. I was SO sweaty. The gym isn’t that well air-conditioned, but I won’t complain because I was drenched by the time I finished. I even had some sweet shin sweat going on—a sign of a workout well done. 🙂


Sam and I had egg sandwiches for breakfast. We’ve been really into them lately, and I’m mastering the craft of the fried egg pretty well, if I do say so myself. Plus raspberry jelly. Try it if you haven’t.


Kiwi + OJ on the side.Image

Did you know you can just scoop the fruit straight out of the kiwi with a spoon? I used to peel and slice it up, but then I learned this trick (can you call it a trick?) from Kristin. So much easier!

Off to work. I’m taking the night off to work on administrative bloggy things—someone has to make this thing look prettier than it does right now. I’ll post tomorrow about an event I attended last night—Idea Mensch Des Moines (#IM48). Super inspiring. Hopefully I can link to some of the videos to show you guys.




See you tomorrow!


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